August 18, 2017

Friday Funny 08/18 (Off to the Library)

I love to read.

We do more than read at the library. Since moving to Denali Rose, all of our internet needs come from our ATT cell data plan. We can't afford to do most of the updates that all of our devices require, so we park ourselves at the library for an afternoon, and use their free wifi.

Wrangell's Irene Ingle Library, is a modern facility, with a terrific selection of books, DVD's, magazines, newspapers, children's section, and checkout equipment.

Irene Ingle Library in Wrangell.

This summer, we have had to carefully pick our times to visit. When a cruise ship comes in, many of the passengers beeline it for the wifi, and it gets crowded. That's when the wifi sloooows down to a crawl. Cruise ships are the smaller ones, and don't come to Wrangell every day, so some days are better than others. Last winter, of course, no ships, kids are in school, most folks at their jobs, and we have it all to ourselves.

Bill, catching up on "Cruising World" magazine.

Watching the updates roll by.

We have three computers, three ipads, two cell phones, and my kindle. Most of these devices are used for navigation, or backups to the navigation. That's why it's important that we keep the weather, and the navigational aids up to date. There are power strips located at every seating area, so power to devices is readily available.

In my previous life, (in which I wore formal office clothing), one of my last projects, was to work with an outstanding group of people who were awarded a large federal grant. The program was named "OWL", for Online With Libraries.

We had funds and sponsorship from:

We worked to bring as large an internet connection to 96 libraries as we could afford, and new computers, laptops, digital learning, staff training, and video conferencing. I'll make the story short, and just say there were challenges, meetings, setbacks, and successes. 

Here's a link to a short youtube video that the Gates Foundation made in Craig, Alaska, about the program. Craig is a small fishing community on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.  

I had no idea at the time, that later, I would be using, and reaping the benefits of the hard work that we put into this project. Hooray for serendipity! 

Yes, like this!

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August 11, 2017

Friday Funny 08/11 (What is Where?)

Or maybe that should be: Things I can't find now; Things I can't find later; Things I'll never find.

I've written a bit about my organization, and labeling on Denali Rose in previous posts. I've asked myself the question; Can I remember where I put things, without writing it down? Here's the answer.... nothing. I remember nothing. I usually go out and buy an item again, because I couldn't find it, or I didn't want to look for it.

It's a good thing, to know where the booze is, when you can't find anything else.

Here's what that looks like.

Locker above lower dinette. I know when to have a margarita! Thanks Alexa.
Under stairs to back cabin

In bilge, before aft head door

We're stocked up for a couple of months of cruising. We have crackers, cookies, nuts, cheeses, snacks, and the freezer is full of proteins. We'll need to replenish our supply of orange juice, creamer, milk, and fresh veggies along the way, as available. We might even catch a fish or two, and possibly some crab and shrimp. One can always hope. Oh, yeah, and cat food, must have the cat food.

Under one side of dinette bench

Notes about what is where on the lid.

We filled the upper bunk in the v-berth, complete with the lists with what is up there.

I must own the Rubbermaid company by now.

We use plastic bags all of the time, so I made this holder for them. Sandwich, quart, and gallon bags are ready for a quick grab.

Need a bag? Pick a bag.

Here's a great idea I got from The Boat Galley.

Whiteboard for fridge contents.

The whiteboard is for the contents of the refrigerator. This keeps us from forgetting what we have in there, eliminating the science experiment gone bad. The other two notes describe what's in the "snack locker". I think I should get another whiteboard, it'll just fit there. Oh, and check out the lower left corner, doesn't everyone have caulk, and a temperature reader on their countertop in the galley?


I made diagram in Google Draw, so it can be updated in our shared Drive. This is the v-berth, with descriptions of what is underneath, and in the drawers. I left plenty of room for Bill to put Denali Rose's spare parts.

Above and below waterline.

This diagram is a very important one, but I didn't do it. The previous owners left this terrific map of the above and below the waterline thru-hulls. Land-lubber interpretation; Holes in boat, yikes. No worries, we have a wooden bung tied on a string to each lever that opens and closes each thru-hull, so if the fitting fails we whack a stopper in the hole.

No need to label the first aid kits, but maybe we need to document or label where they are. 

Marine Medical kit

The everyday stuff.

The large kit is behind the settee cushions in the pilothouse. We don't store anything on top, so that it is an easy pull and out it comes quickly. The everyday stuff plus a bit more, is in the step leading to the galley. I should probably put red cross stickers on them, but also these locations are shared in the "welcome onboard" speech for guests.

I still need to do a diagram of what is under our bed, and inside a few more lockers, but like everything else, this is a work in progress.

Do you know where your "stuff" is? Do you keep a description on paper, computer, or is it in your head? Would you ever do this in your house?

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August 4, 2017

Friday Funny 08/04 (Leaving the Dock)

Sitting at the dock of the bay...... 

I think we are leaving the marina, and heading out for some fun. It's best not to tell anyone exactly what day we plan on, because then everyone wants to know why you aren't gone, (if you're late), or that they missed you, (if you leave early). We are also waiting on the USPS to deliver a part we need. The brand new water depth transducer was DOA out of the box, and we need the replacement. How much water under the keel is kind of an important piece of information to have. Right now, it says we have 4 feet, no matter if it is high or low tide, that can't be correct!

Check out the weather reports on Storm, a Weather Underground app, for Wrangell, and Gustavus, (Glacier Bay - our intended destination).

Nice! Summer has finally arrived in Southeast Alaska.

I'm hoping for whales, dolphins, and bears, oh my! We're also meeting up with friends in Glacier Bay, who recently retired, and are bringing their sailboat from Valdez. The weather window for them to cross the Gulf of Alaska from southcentral to southeast Alaska, is now, and they are on their way. That means we need to be on our way as well, in order to buddy boat with them when they arrive.

Great website, many boaters around the world use it.

We haven't been on a lengthy excursion anywhere in quite awhile, and I'm going to need to brush up on my nautical knowledge. Lights, day marks, cans, buoys, rules, as well as knots, and ship procedures. Many things have changed now that we have all new, and rearranged electronics.

Bill is finishing up his projects, and I am trying to clean up, organize, stow things away, and (most important), document where everything goes. It seems I rearrange every time, and if I don't write it down, who knows if we will ever find things again. "Honey, where did you put the TP this time?"

Unexpected chores added.

Bill got to do (another) unexpected chore. We heard the bilge pump running in the middle of the night, it's not a comforting sound. He discovered a leak in the head pump mechanism, and since he had been planning to refit to electric, now seemed the time. So in addition to the new instrument install, he has (unplanned) re-bedded the companionway hatch cover, fixed a problem water leak into the pilothouse, and rebuilt the companionway stairs.

Currently, I believe I got the better chore with putting away provisions. 

 Can goods locker-all labeled

The Foodsaver is well used.

Organizing foodstuffs

The sewing machine will be put away, I think I've done enough for now. I accomplished all of the projects that I had put on my list for this summer, and I feel great about that. I have more to do, but it can wait for later.

It's going to be so nice-  
  a. have our home back, clean, clutter free, operational, 
  b. to go have some fun exploring, relaxing, and enjoying ourselves.

PS, my lifelong friend's mother wrote a book about coming to Alaska in the early 1950s. I can't wait to sit in some picturesque bay, with a glass of wine, and read about her adventures. 
Check it out on Amazon.

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July 28, 2017

Friday Funny 07/28 (Matchy Matchy)

Love the print.

Awkward Family Photos
, it's real, and everyone must match!

Did you know that "matchy matchy" is an actual phrase? It describes too much of one pattern, color, fabric, or accessories. It's a fashion term for being too coordinated. 

It's a false sense of security.

If you have followed along with me, you've  watched how I've been trying to "dress" Denali Rose in a new matching outfit. Have I gone too far, and when should I stop because enough is enough? Will others look at her and say, "that's awkward".

When Bill gets a new device installed, I grab my scraps and whip up a new cover. So far, I have covered the cockpit compass, (not new, but needed a new cover), the new chart-plotter, and the new remote control to the devices in the cockpit. The covers not only protect against UV damage, but they also obscure the big B&G logo.

Cockpit compass

Cockpit chart-plotter

Chart-plotter cover

Remote controls


Of course, all of this is the same fabric as the new sail covers. 

Main sail cover

Mizzen sail cover

Now I'm working on the side weather-cloths. 

Installed for the final fitting, not quite finished, but almost.

I have one instrument on the cockpit bulkhead that doesn't have a cover yet. Since it doesn't have a very deep profile, I had to decide how I wanted to attach it to the front.

Don't worry about the inclinometer reading, we're listing to port because of the fuel tank and batteries on that side.

I think I will use a velcro dot to attach the cover.

Of course everything I make, I dress it up with the custom Denali Rose label.

You can make yours at Dutch Label Shop.

Just in case you wanted to know, we also have custom matching key chains. 😁

Front side

Back side

To make the picture complete when Denali Rose has all her new clothes on, we should don Carhartt shirts, and put the Carhartt collars on the cats, and pose for our family photo. Perhaps I should put the Denali Rose label over the Carhartt label.

Now we are all matchy matchy!

What do you think? Would this make a good Christmas card photo? "Happy Holidays from the matchy matchy Carhartt brown Denali Rose and her crew!" 

How about you? What are your thoughts about matching everything? Do you and your significant other dress alike, do you dress your children/pets to match? Do you match everything/anything to your car, boat, or house?

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July 21, 2017

Friday Funny 07/21 (Dock Life)

Elsie and Gus

We could actually catch fish off of our dock, someone's child was doing it the other day, but would you want to eat it? Absolutely no.

Elsie and Gus checking out our dock finger.

We have been in the marina so long now, it feels like we might never get away. The good news is that all of the electronics that Bill has put into place, rewired, and turned on, have all worked flawlessly so far. 

We will leave! We have committed to a rondezvous with some friends at Glacier Bay, north of here.

I still enjoy watching the boats coming, and going, and of course it's a daily event. The commercial fishing season is in full swing, and the processing plant next to the marina is always busy. The boats come in with their catch, unload at the plant, sometimes come back to their slip for provisioning, maybe an overnight, and then right back out to work. A local tender, (larger ship that takes the days catch, into the processor, after off-loading it from smaller vessels, so the fishing boat doesn't have to stop fishing), said that they had 78,000 pounds of fish for the processor that day. That's a lot of fish.

It's really fun to watch the transient dock, you never know what might pull in. The other day we had a 110 foot power boat, and you could hear the bow thrusters maneuvering it around the corner, and up to the dock. Last night the largest (personal), sailboat I have ever seen came in. 

It was getting dark, and the cloud cover makes it kind of hard to see in the above photo.

160 foot sailboat, "Georgia"

Here'w one I took this morning on my way to the community center, to participate in water aerobics.

More photos of Heritage Harbor, Wrangell, Alaska.

A power catamaran headed out of the marina, off to have some fun!

We see eagles every day. They live in the forests around us.

Unlike winter, when every slip is full, there are quite a few empty ones now.

Can you tell, I'm grasping to get a Friday Funny out? If you've been following along with Denali Rose Sailboat on Facebook, you've seen some of my sewing projects posted. I'm in full-steam ahead, and every day is, "what can I complete now" mode. I just didn't take time out to write a post.

FYI, Oprah is in Southeast Alaska right now. We won't be seeing her in Wrangell though.

What projects are you doing? Would you want to meet Oprah?

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.